Guilderland Youth Soccer Association -"Rec" Soccer

First some "thank-you's", since this league wouldn't be possible without the support and cooperation of the Town of Guilderland, especially the town's parks department. Thank you also to the Guilderland School District and staff. We also thank our own league volunteers who put in their time and effort in the many jobs necessary to get our teams on the field and playing. Last but not least thanks to our coaches.

These men and women are volunteers who have taken time from their own schedules because they enjoy helping children learn and enjoy the game. They need your help whenever you are available - fourteen or more energetic youngsters require a lot of patience and supervision. An extra adult is always helpful. Ask your coach what you can do.

The game of soccer requires both skill and endurance. We hope to encourage your children to practice at home, and you can even practice with them. Just a few minutes a day spent on ball-handling skills can make a big difference. The Guilderland Public Library has several instructional books and media that are very helpful.

Guilderland Soccer (GYSA) has been a family activity for many years. We have a fall, spring and summer season. At thirty five dollars a season it is the best bargain in town. Recreational soccer is for everyone, regardless of ability. Our main focus is on fun and learning. It’s more than just soccer. It’s about kids, parents and families developing friendships and involvement in the community.

Sports are meant to be a fun thing. The memories of the first kick in Kindergarten, to the key pass as the kids grow older; to maybe scoring a goal, are special memories that can be cherished for years.  You also see the value of teamwork, sportsmanship,fun, exercise and making friendships.

Many choose our league because our philosophy is that kids should be kids, and kids should play. Our players have a wide range of experience and skill. Some are brand new to the game and some have advanced soccer skills. Regardless, all kids play both offense and defense. Every child plays an approximately equal amount of time. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to play. That is why kids and families keep coming back year after year.  Our league continues to attract players of all ages.   Many begin in kindergarten and through the years end up playing with their high school buddies.  Soccer players who play for their school teams or club teams, often continue to play “rec” soccer because it is just plain fun. Thank you to all for your support over the years.

We hope everyone has a super season. See you on the fields!



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Last Updated: 4/07/10